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Status: Yesterday seemed like a distant past, Today felt unfamiliar and tomorrow is terrifying. This is a time of turbulence. When all of us, each in their own way, coz were living through the rapid changing world.
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Whenever things don't seem to happen as it is hoped,planned or willed, never give up. Pause for a while, do reflect on where and why you failed. - 2021-11-19
If the going gets rough as you climb up a hill, never look back. Move on and don't just stand still. One's journey may seem to be filled with great challenges - 2021-11-02
And whoever longs to reach their goals must welcome hardships. Truly life is full of suprises. Brusque many times hurting; as rainfall beating on a barren land are teardrops- mellow, gently settling. - 2021-11-02
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