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So whiskey in a hall way cause nothing is open here
moistdaddybae  36 M
never been to your province so i infected no one with anything.
Ok ok stop hukdy gonna be pizzd awf now
Lol I'm in the most infected province and we got shut down
StarBright321  38
I Remember s0me sad h0z st0le cl0thes fr0m me cause they wanted t0 be Me and s0me0ne kn0ckn 0n 10f like any female w0uld want my b0dy and man h0w dat w0rkn4u
moistdaddybae  36 M
when i get out of quarantine everyones getting pregnant.
byronpt4  58 M
Lol it's even a goog pic. Who would look for that??
hit it with something hard ya dont want it getting up . !!
with a bat ? Cause it been hit with the ugly stick already
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