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Jedd3  82 M
Hi ya gig am new here wanna mash tender bits ?
XoxEuphoriaxoX  35 F
lol who? Jeff never heard of him
Jinxmadeyacry  39
Batman is gay
XoxEuphoriaxoX  35 F
I like smart water but not a fan of Aquafina
Jedd3  82 M
Best batman was burt ward
XoxEuphoriaxoX  35 F
perved* by ppl. It got annoying and i got rid of it I think
Gigglyfitz  34
I'm a very random girl Ben lol
moistdaddybae  36 M
it all tastes like water to mee
XoxEuphoriaxoX  35 F
lol thats why I made the name ben. Cuz of the song but got peeved too
c0m3dy_g3n1u5  108 M
bale was best b4tm4n but over shadowed by j0k3r lol
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