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c0m3dy_g3n1u5  107 M
grow up mental. act ur age n0t ur sh0e soize. wat r u. jealous of her lol
Her adopted baby's first word will be "CU­NT" while looking up at her.
dappleville  32 F
So does that say I want him to torture my baby? Smh
I hope someone in your family is the one you push too far.
xmentalistx  39 F
OK! lol
c0m3dy_g3n1u5  107 M
demon, wts ur views on people actualy thr34t3nin kids . d0nt b a joiner inner to people thats bl0win it outa porp0rti0n
xmentalistx  39 F
Scummy mummy!
I hope someone in your family ends up doing it to teach you a lesson Dap.
DeMoNiK-SiNDRuM3  36 M
im waiting
Bourne_Identity  44 M
She left so now i can enjoy my spaghetti watching srar trek
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