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Sshhh_xo  102 F
420 is h20 carter lol
RuthLessOne  37 M
Love island is fake mental lmao
Gigglyfizzle  35 F
Oh haha hes the only 420 name I've seen haha
NoElejiConoserte  61 M
Goodbye ignored. Was nice knowing .death is the side effect lol
Sshhh_xo  102 F
Old ped jeff nothing to look at 😂😂😂
You will listen.. 🤣
Gigglyfizzle  35 F
Lol jill you would do as your told haha
Sshhh_xo  102 F
Ewwww I'm not into peds hun 😂😂
Gigglyfizzle  35 F
Whos 420? That old Jeff man?
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