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Darla321  46 F
Craig I'm reporting u every chance I get
Fireitup02  44 M
I don't take wild swings
CRAIGx74  45
Lol she's been on here all day going on bout it jack if it was true
xprincebgx  36 M
Hi lacey
pelia  43 M
xprincebgx  36 M
CRAIGx74  45
Lmfao your totally clueless bout me mcCaulley ya gimp lol
c0m3dy_g3n1u5  107 M
craig wants every one to join in to bully darly wen shes down.. . . big man lol
gigglefitz  38 F
Surely not Craig lol
Darla321  46 F
Craig get a life bawwlldy
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