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Tony_T11  35
Is that Washington fire across the street from the White House
Tony_T11  35
Lol I think he moved to italy n got covid
Doobz  58 M
Ya think Punk is stirring it up In LA? Lol.
sillyillybilly2  34
I used to live in salt lake they arrest white ppl daily
Tony_T11  35
Salt lake arresting white ppl to
Tony_T11  35
They got another white guy in New York lol
Lucian  44 M
Be hilarious if china sent warships off the coast of US for aide
jillywilly  58 F
jillywilly  58 F
now beachs n parks drawing 6ft circles no joke but working
jillywilly  58 F
numbers jumped after senseless gathering in t.o
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