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srvdallas  24 M
Rebel where in the south are you ?
MoonShine-_-  47 F
No it's not all the same Gman
lron_Buttonfly  51 M
Daisy was toouch for a 12 yr old raging hormones
Lil_Rebel_Darlin  47 F
I'm Grits
MoonShine-_-  47 F
It's a by product of corn
kidfrmqueens  97 M
Cream of wheat grits oatmeal farina porridge all the same
srvdallas  24 M
What are grits ?
lron_Buttonfly  51 M
I was always in the bathroom during commercials watching Dukes of Hazzard
srvdallas  24 M
Linda Lavin. She's been in other shows
that you hardly realize whats going on with other people around you.
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