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looked at laceys body..since people say its hot..its disgusting n pale
RickeyG_2015  85
huk Lisa is hotter way hotter than like 95% in here
XQueen-SassyX  29 F
Lmao yeah I remember telling you before. I don't remember the pro
RickeyG_2015  85
wasnt bout who f who or what .simple question was .u didnt want to admit shes was ugly .cos was ur friend.. i talk to lacey .n i tell her shes hot from neck down .lol
once you hit the level of ugly those chicks are, there is no uglier than the other
Hukdy30  58 M
But that’s all in here that is
i remember lisa i made a pro of them lmao ages ago
c0m3dy_g3n1u5  107 M
i fink rg attemptin to try make ladies jealous by usin lacey lol dnt seem to b w0rkin l0l
xmentalistx  39 F
Hukdy30  58 M
Who’s hotter than Lacey Rickey? Iisa is true
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