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Rabbit00008  M
Iā€™m a nice fellow šŸ˜ 
Ethan_______xx  38 M
I had a dream that I was in a fitness group and I was doing pushups šŸ˜Š
Everyday you get closer to death, always remember that n when the time come
Look what you just did. Ran and cried to airg ;] baby
CuRvEyCoNt0uRs  97 F
Eye I'm stab that mf eye out
CuRvEyCoNt0uRs  97 F
Someone disrespect my dead I'm disrespect there's God said and eye for an
Ch33kY_Ch4ppY_IV  25 M
Didya curvey whose singin my praises lol
Remember what you said about running and crying this morning, huk
Crash u ther?
CuRvEyCoNt0uRs  97 F
Cheeky I heard u a nice fellow šŸ˜ŒšŸ˜Š
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