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Changaretti was well played
BannedLucian2  43
I'm a goober then, I dnt wanna be a goober.
I am enjoying it and I got attached to Tom Hardys character
smokeumms  40 F
Hi everyone im back... Im now a transgender woman
Tony_T40  100 M
Like that's what I heard ic
Like a fondue pot for the ladies
c0m3dy_g3n1u5  107 M
y0o enjoyin peaky l0l yea that was a shocker wasnt. few m0re on th h0r0izen. lol wt u fink of adrien br0dys characta d0n changereti spegeti lol
So truth is Kristin did send trav pics of dolly ... the cried with a fake fbi report that terry did it
LionessOfZion  35 F
Technically a chocolate covered nut
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