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Ghettos-onFire  28 M
I kinda like the way redneck made corn with butter salt lemon and cheese
AngelOutLaw  96 F
I'm not rich.. I'm just not on govt. Assistance
Demon can ya atleast try to impress me lil princess
DeMoNiK--SiNDRuM  36
that made perfect, legible sense. youre just too god damn intoxicated for it to... how you being an alcoholic became my fault is a mystery.. wait, no it isnt.. drunks always blame everyone else for everything. you lot are like 3 yr olds
Ghettos-onFire  28 M
She thinks us the poors eat fancy food everyday.. No she's wrong
Ghettos-onFire  28 M
Jeminas tell Kristin to stop being mean yeah only cause she's rich
AngelOutLaw  96 F
pours? Taadaaah
RgRoethlisberger  46
not bad punk ..nice plate .just corn in them new to me
byronpt3  57 M
Big surprise Stacy logs in with a Kristin profile
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