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RAD-68  51
Walk into the ocean and drown myself
RAD-68  51
Aimlessness,cant be fixed mind set give up
RAD-68  51
To protect my channel frm clutter despair hopelesness
InPlainVIEW  32 F
turtle soup
RAD-68  51
Change thats why i have departmentalise and look away
RAD-68  51
I dnt gather its my choice to play that way and that i hope wil never chang
M0V13_S74R  34 M
RAD-68  51
Thats why they throw down to earth to dumpster dive with yall
cantbancraig2  45
U need a shrink Maxine with ya dumb fantasies F grow up u dumb btch
RAD-68  51
Untij we adress the faults in the human condition
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