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Hulk u have friends ??
xMentalistt  39
Omg! He ainta muffin moon.. More like bitta burnt-toast....
Moon-Beems  43 F
100mg Trazodone in a burger ball an the dog is out like a light
WhiteJamaican---  33 M
yeah. sometimes id text and she'd say 'oh just piss off'
TrixieNox  25 F
gonna get inside while you're sleep like Bill Cosby
BamaGrl  43 F
I like to put chicken broth in with my pork to roast it, and secrete season
Ok my friends let’s get sid ban the hack out of him
xMentalistt  39
They sound funny swearing... lol
WhiteJamaican---  33 M
moon you American goddess
jinxdagrinch  38
No one can get inside while I'm asleep
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