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AngelOutLaw  97 F
Would not want her drunk Mother having access to her haha
open_your_mouth  38 M
STACY__  32
So whoever its backing u up is the one loo koi ring stupid
barbaraking15  67 F
Lucky she doesn't look like daisy
xMentalistt  40
Ayup Kaj.. Rob was nearly caught.. A was on edgea me seat... lol
I prefer to remain an enigma.
justmebeinmee  34 F
I feel a ban coming on lol
LeggyPisces  29
I’m still a sucker for mean girl quotes
Then I was Terry. Then I was Max. Then I was NM.
AngelOutLaw  97 F
I've moved up in the world Barb. Just glad sum1 else has my diva
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