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Supahstahswift  45 M
Trump saved so many lives with cease fire..
Pgd  48 M
Hello all
Smokeumssx  M
We should chip in and get RG going away airG cake
Cantona07  46 M
Mite see some of my old comrades in there, compare shrapnel wounds lmao
chillzbill  59
friends room all night..hating n telling everyone how great ya are
xmentalisttx  40 F
Ya gotta watch ya podge though gramps.. lol
Ricardo_Dybala10  39 M
smoke u want ur mom alive .so u cant stop eating fried onions lol
sillyillybilly  34 M
Ive never heard of a motel room g0ing for only 25 bux
chillzbill  59
so big exciting plans for friday night swiff n in the friend
Supahstahswift  45 M
Anchovies crispelli
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