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Moon-Beems  43 F
I had a 3cm stone an used apple cider vinegar to break it down
E_swift  45 M
I fear stones omg the pain I git them from too much protein drinks
E_swift  45 M
Me too the second time they used a laser to break em i was turning yellow
Moon-Beems  43 F
**** 8lb kid out a normally 3cm hole an then get back to me
barbaraking15  67 F
jinxdagrinch  38
BamaGrl  42 F
Mine never passed they had to blast it, one was 22mm other was bigger
E_swift  45 M
I fainted seeing my kids born lol omgosh idk how they do it
E_swift  45 M
Women are the strongest ppl on Earth ..facts
Moon-Beems  43 F
Women have C-sections and are the next day walking around
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