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SwiftKaneTerry  25 M
What can you do? NOTHING
Eric-Swift  45 M
So go make a new room ..simple
Bye soapy.
peachysugarpie  44
Lol night sook
Eric-Swift  45 M
Wat can u do? Nothing lol
I would be on here for 5 minutes if I had stacks of cash LOL but I'm broke
watsername  37 F
Very start of airg
SwiftKaneTerry  25 M
Do you work ever eric?
Eric-Swift  45 M
Yes I own da room ,I'ma punk u off daily lol wat can u do? Post sons pic
S0okiestackh0use  35 F
Oi. I'm a little too buzzin for this sadistic soap opera here. CIAO lol
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