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wildwoman13  61 F
wildwoman13  61 F
Who,u talkin 2?
DeMoNiK-SiNDRuM3  36 M
hows thatt about to work if your bathing with a trucker, corr ? LOL
Hukdy40  58 M
But it’s happening
Oudit  43 M
sisters and king oudit need another planet *
Hukdy40  58 M
But corr he don’t want us to he wants us to show him that will never happ
CorrosiveDischrg  49 M
Ok Brb shower time need to get the trucking industry smell off me.........
wildwoman13  61 F
Sum ppl don't believe we are living the end days now on earth
c0m3dy_g3n1u5  107 M
wats m3xic0 loike
Hukdy40  58 M
Or get something in it it’s over
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