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RAD-68  51
Eventualy if we stay true to the path they will overcome
InPlainVIEW  32 F
Lmao that's too funny
GhostFlow  35
I do wanna feed ya the meat lol so burgers
GhostFlow  35
Sounds trippy
RAD-68  51
I got a job and that isnt it thats the job for the human collective
Okiewoman  62 F
lol we know ya luv fugde ya get from Terry with peanuts
Jaykob69  33 M
You suggested it and I followed through with ya
GhostFlow  35
cantbancraig2  45
Wow is it wack job hour olive lol
Christe__  40 M
Yeah, I was in Vegas at a burger place that was also a pet store and you was sitting at a booth and kept yelling "piggy" I woke up to me yelling "what!!!!"
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