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Lil_Rebel_Darlin  47 F
No she's been on she's just been in the other room Sookie
Lol it's still on the bedpost 🌹🌹
justcherry37  39 F
I just go by what I observe and what friends bitz to me about no one is
She gets butthurt easily over this too
Ms_Daisy  40 F
Talking food looking at u lol
Lil_Rebel_Darlin  47 F
Drama what drama? Fill me in please
Burps and farts. Scratches my arse.b🤔
justcherry37  39 F
They know it's urs not the other shannon who has barely been here
Whine hider. Carry on
NO_AutographZ  99 F
byron I left my charger at your house..can you drop it off later? Thanks
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