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Do you have a refrigerator right next to your bed also Tony?
DatChatBrat  99 F
Thanks ticia.. But it wont I'm not fat enough for it to hit me on way out
lceRoseErik  59 M
Fireitup GO **** YOURSELF
xXBlack_sheepXx  35 F
So did sid say anything?
Moon-Beems  43 F
Lmao Kev you just cant help yaself can ya?
KEV-_-  99 M
Bishes in here looking for attention like,so lame ok
E_swift  45 M
Da one that winks not stinks lolol
You want the hot plate right by your bed Tony so you don't have move
xXBlack_sheepXx  35 F
Maybe later ice thanks for the reminder
Pgd  48 M
Giddy up batch! 🤠
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