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was stressing because didnt use a condom and she was ugly
Hukdy_guitar  59 M
Get him Chester
xMentalistt  40
So ya trashed ya van.. lol Yeah! Ya can kip 10 really..
was only me in it so never needed to. i did shag someone in new bed
Hukdy_guitar  59 M
Am done with him
hotnewfiemama16  45
18 mths hes been here 24/7 leaves for meals and a quick nap here and there
XX20000  M
c0m3dy_g3n1u5  108 M
brb ,
Tonyz  52 M
Toledo Ohio is where i had my first seizure was in semi no lie
but in the living bit, where the tele is, lol that can be 2 beds pulled out
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