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Swiftunchained  46 M
They NEVER can post a pic lmao is it a Canadian thing!?
S0okiestackh0use  35 F
Why would I call ur family? I never said I was gonna call ur family
Dat863Cracka  46
thats right boy u better zito it
Smokeumssx  M
He might not be a trucker but you are a dimwit Swift
Look4you2  52 M
Lmao my point swiff ur all thumbs proven again
xMentalistt  40
A send ya me mum's numba.. Haha!
You ok mental bbl roomies ...Waves
Goodoleusa  52 M
Ok mental think your phone screen is big enough?
Everyone here knows better sooks lol
Smokeumssx  M
Swift how can you take the abuse you get from everyone all day
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