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Smokeumssx  51 M
Now you know it's not that hard to comprehend so make a mental note
If you ever run across one you should try Gambinos pizza
the motel owner let's him stay for free aslong as he picks up cig buts
sillyillybilly  34 M
Do u still have family here
Smokeumssx  51 M
I moved into the ghetto apartment December 1st of last year
Smokeumssx  51 M
I lived in the ghetto motel last year in Dewitt Michigan
Smokeumssx  51 M
I'll try to explain it again now pay attention carefully this time
Yes billy ive had it befire been a long time ago though
Smokeumssx  51 M
I know you're a trump supporter so you're not too bright but damn
Tony_T40  100 M
Smoketard yr to old for this ok
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