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You are about 155 with wire glasses and total white hair
Reverendchill  60 not gonna..they'll have to bury her without me
Look6  52
Lol u gotta try harder then that
FIying_Dutchman  49 M
Lol so obsessed with other guys looks. are you ge eh?
Colgate---  90 M
oh am. lol i will put it in my notebook. its full lol
GOD_ofDeath-Rg1  98 M
well u know one thing ..these women like fat men that hide .that act like they nice the pics making a bit sense now.. they look like truckers lol
Ashamed of themselves
Reverendchill  60
im spoze to drive to Baraboo today to bury a loved one
You chickenshid? Afraid to show
That pic was looks contact pic in cassey tablet
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