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Hukdy_bad  59 M
The nati Booz E look them up
Just got done with my chores ate a little dinner now I'm relaxing
Tony_T69  33 M
Wild is 80 n shes using this lol
DeMoNiK--SiNDRuM  36
DOWN ON DAYTONZ GONNA B A ****IN BLOODBATH! i gotz mo style than prisons got briefs. aint that some ****.. my every move is a mafia hit! betta make this quick! -- LOL dayton family is a few of the only rappers i listen to
wildwoman13  61 F
Lmmfao @ huk
Hukdy_bad  59 M
We red carpet them from old to young
I haven't smoked anything in like 3 weeks
Saeee  98
he was older than he said but not that old he around my age
E_swift  45 M
Yea ova the bridge in Kentucky tho they will
Hukdy_bad  59 M
We got queens here
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