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Someone else saying ‘js’ .. god damn morons
sillybilly1985  34
Lots of ppl are my friend because of who I am not cos they pity me
AngryGurl  39 F
just realized I "js"alot. kinda like the one time I realized how much I say ya know after everything. the more I was aware the more I kept doing it.
Biron57  21 M
Ok.bowling ball ball head
Whitedoor  54
Exactly dutch
sillybilly1985  34
I’m not tripping on them or anyone else I know who I am
FIying_Dutchman  49 M
FIying_Dutchman  49 M
I treat everyone the way they treat me. Js
Insecure people always talk crap about others it's just how they are Billy
Biron57  21 M
Flip flop jealous mf
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