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billchill  60
steve jobs turnd ya mind to moosh
billchill  60
devilrejects  53 M
Damm how many sn's you got jinx
xmentalisttx  39 F
Hectors wearing me mums kini....
Maori_Dimpz  99 F
I'm trying to think of it but the only words I'm getting r the 1z ya typed
c0m3dy_g3n1u5  107 M
wdnt mind m3rc4d3s in bed. hey, where is she fr0m. i cnt oidentifoy err accent lol
hectors device ran out of battery lol
Tony_T66  34
Hi prude dimpz lol
xmentalisttx  39 F
Him who did "uptown funk" a think....
billchill  60
God help...ya ****in chat livin non humorous weirdo bidch
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