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billchill  60
so what did i ask ? and is ya last name the same as ya mom n dads
DeMoNiK--SiNDRuM  35
hey chicken, i hear you got a bay bee buckawk!!!
DAKK215  48 M
I'd stay and talk longer but have to go. 3.30 am here.
billchill  60
the peewee herman of chat
billchill  60
sad lil com3dy...lives in a chatroom...trying so hard to make a friend
chill.. you spelt that wrong and grammar also incorrect.. suprasti?
wildwoman13  61 F
Hi dakk
c0m3dy_g3n1u5  107 M
chill u lost th funny or n0t funny referendum. wich makes u. a l0os3r lol
billchill  60
is your last name the same as your mom n dads captain lithuania ?
DAKK215  48 M
Hi WildWoman.
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