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Reverendchill  60
hahahahaha..i forgot bout that...gotta tease her tomorrow
Super_Nova_luna  98
We had a mini blizzard here today lol... And a ah squall? Whatever yesterda
You’re all busted lol cops fbi cia coming to your door soon etc etc etc
Reverendchill  60
they let my daughter wear a tiara on her 1st drivers licence picture
Ya lucky ..I'm off tonighf and tomorrow and work the rest of the week
Hey rabbit now do MORT
TheInfamousTGUNN  88 M
I know you're west if that but Wisconsin up onto Toronto is getting over a foot
Yeah bestie. I work Thursday and then off again Friday & Saturday
Going to post those papers now. Udk who you’re messing with etc
Super_Nova_luna  98
My tiara was crooked huh?! That's how you knew
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