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Fireitup02  45 M
Hes a lying pos
Kristin says ur scared of chemotherapy Rg lol
BreakingNewsRg1  39
so what ever u think u know bout me .telling him probably lies
Fireitup02  45 M
Cuz I'm tired of hearing him say he's honest ic
x_Kristin_x  47 F
Lately I talk to RG more than I talk to Stacy n I dont talk to him much
What billy
sillyillybilly  34 M
What’s the last good movie u saw man ?
BreakingNewsRg1  39
well I was told u did outlaw.. cus fire was talking bout me all moring .. n u had to put ur 2 cents .I mean why not like u even know me .
XxHarl3yQuinnxX  35 F
Paying attention
sillyillybilly  34 M
God damn it IC
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