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Moon-_-Beems  44 F
I dont know Nicholas
Gigglyfitz  34
Really heavy!! My hairs really thick and long so that's a lot of brushes
you just know theyv told 17 other people that day lmao told them same thing
Bbl goin to get a shower here
Gigglyfitz  34
Yea with a curly blow they use the hairbrush as like rollers. They get
sumin then says 'dont say anything' lol with that serious face
its where people find out everything lol its funny when someone tells you
Sshhh_xo  101 F
I'm coming with you hun
Gigglyfitz  34
Up rave lol. Was zooming around the salon lol
totalcj  31 M
Moon babe what's site for the dragon v? Lolo
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