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Elchillgen  59
dd i missed u when u left chat

i cried for months

and months
GhostFlow  35
This is pure comedy
HukdytooGreat  59 M
Wen am in court it’s a room fu of ppl as in the cynic
Elchillgen  59
camaro is a made up name
Ticia44  45 F
For shame, Stacii...the babies...think of them babies
Elchillgen  59
thats a bidchin camaro
HukdytooGreat  59 M
And remember as Byron always post I know the law
Look4  45 M
Token brain injury survivor huk knows all the cia moves
HukdytooGreat  59 M
My stlk anyone brings in a group of sources we all break the law
GhostFlow  35
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