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Dracula_1269  99 M
I'm asking me why he cloning me Bonnie n said u lied to me
Crash02  30
well I love going to Athens but not really a football fan
Mentalistxx  42 F
🍭👅 lol
lmao rg a pale version
Shannonmarie2021  41 F
Wb denver 🤗
Try and figure that out rg .it'll come to you your iq is above 70 isn't it
DenverLights-2  49 F
1st off..why is that continually brought up with my name involved?
Dracula_1269  99 M
lmao she does
Bboi_  48
Waaaaaaah waaaaaaaaah. Legend is here. Waaaaaaaa!!!
Shannonmarie2021  41 F
Sits in the corner .. eats my skittles and watches the room
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