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Hukdy30  58 M
Told her the laugh would b on her many years ago lol
Christe__  39 M
Hukdy30  58 M
Dapp knows
Hukdy30  58 M
But tell me tiger how does gem feels about u now knowing u a true bboi
Hukdy30  58 M
Demon knows that wat u do bboi
Christe__  39 M
Morning Peoples of AirG
tigerhawk  50 M
demon watch out huk might do a lap dance for ya
TheRoomHasEyes  99 M
I’m not wastername lol, jesus you and your paranoid delusions are unreal
Hukdy30  58 M
But I doubt it would Call’s for 80% today
DeMoNiK--SiNDRuM  35
rain man? like a native american doing a rain dance, or YOU dancing to "its raining men"? LOL
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