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Ghettos-onFire  29 M
You're married with a blackie and have children's Blackult ?
Arizonarised  61 F
Im bk in bkl jk
Ghettos-onFire  29 M
Chocolate tell Blackult if she can say * let's kick it homie*
BlackcraftKult  35 F
Because im just here to chat not to flirt tbh circa
Ghettos-onFire  29 M
I was gunna say something nice about you Blackult
Bunnyloc69  30 F
It's pazuzu my bad
Ghettos-onFire  29 M
So Blackult that's the reason why you always push me away & act cold ?
BlackcraftKult  35 F
Well now you know. Ive been on here off and on for years circa
Ghettos-onFire  29 M
Arizona@ just pee yourself.. Who cares.. Stay let's kick it
Deadpool_kat3  74
then ur not that wild woman person?
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