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RAD-68  51
Would undermine the global moral and send the humanity into a hestical rage
mrjvk  99 M
Oh and multiple personality disorder they hate each of themselves
People are tired of the Trump circus you want to see a circus go to the cir
Goodoleusa  53 M
Bi polarsonly hate you for a minute
xMentalistt  40
So alf America think he's gunna be impeached, nd alf think he's gunna be re-elected.. lol
Yeah I like anybody wants to re-elect him after impeachment
That clown thinks impeachment means removal. Wrong again
Madeshka  36 F
Impeachment impeachment
mrjvk  99 M
I don’t get hate.with exception of autisms and bipolars they hate everythng
RAD-68  51
If the evil those secrets hide ever see's the light of day
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