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Swift_banned  45 M
Who knows lass
IrritatingTGUNN  98 M
Why woul****n't want hair on my palms
Khaine  36 M
Bye bye Anna *flood ...cry*
DatChatBrat  99 F
Lololol whips
xmentalistx  39 F
Haps ya was hung, drawn, nd quartered inna late-life lad..
Flying_Dutchman  49 M
Sid ur just obsessed with anna that's what started the bs session
IrritatingTGUNN  98 M
Of all you users from Canada I know Dutch and Bob the least. I don't know Dutch well. I don't know Bob at all
Look1  25 M
Lol lover
Flying_Dutchman  49 M
I'm not blowing smoke sid funny
xmentalistx  39 F
Are ya all forgetting did the flid, is special?
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