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Fireitup002  44 M
Oh you do drop tuning I bet that makes it real tough
Smokeumssx  M
Squiggy keep practicing with a skin flute you'll get it LOL
ghostwhisper  35
i got so many kris one i like to dance to is wax by lotus
Fireitup002  44 M
Yea I got you khain.
billchill  60
watch me for the changes...n try to keep up
Lala_de_encaje  33
Rockstar! Do you play games on your phone?
Khaine  36 M
Too many evens lol
billchill  60
ok this is a blues riff in G minor
xmentalistx  39 F
Am not gud with instruments pdg....
Khaine  36 M
Yeah, it's hard even get a cheap tuner to even track a low b
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