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and do you really think reporting anybody stops it I'll be back within 2 minutes
Runzwithscissors  43 F
Who are all these people
hotnewfiemama1  44
Did is Bruce Scott spends more time in jail then he works lives in a camper and likes to beat women
that's funny if I threatened her why wasn't I arrested yesterday when she sent the cops
xXkrazzyXx  47 F
Black__Dahlia  99
Im just gonna report these leppers n i never report
that's a good story I wonder where you came up with that
c0m3dy_g3n1u5  107 M
im g0na roll a j. schm0k3 it in th g4rd3n. n ope to see th stars n m0on. coz thats me. im a big str0ng t0ugh sensitiv manly man lol
hotnewfiemama1  44
you have threaten her since and lied about her
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