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c0m3dy_g3n1u5  107 M
tday i 4t i mite av ptsd wiv n0t gettin picked for any 4kin team at sk0ol. lol u can b th ref. they said. so i ordered round th 10 vs 11
Cheeses handed out by the government
xMentalistt  40
Like spreading-cheese?
Swift_banned  45 M
Sorry red Ryder BB gun ,but I got pride
It's free cheese they hand out to ppl in the housing projects
Fireitup001  44 M
its presidential cheese
Out of your own post you do it every day Swift unbelievable
Swift_banned  45 M
Wow red rocker ,wat the fuhhh
Swift you have made a total disgrace out of yourself
Fireitup001  44 M
when danger reared its head ic bravely ran away
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