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Now I'm confused is there a fern cotton and fern Britain lol
I think it’s funny she makes herself sick over a chat man
AngelOutLaw  101 F
Chicken w no feathers didn't work
XX00020  M
Depends on whose blood. I get seven thousand a pint for mine
Jeddy_eye2  56 M
And by the haircut he has he went to first choice hair cutters
oXMentyXo  44 F
Nd holly willabooby...
AngelOutLaw  101 F
I don't have any chicks with feathers Bunny­čśĆ
oXMentyXo  44 F
Oh thats the 1 who needs shootin.. Fern cotton..
Jeddy_eye2  56 M
2.50 a pint
AngelOutLaw  101 F
What's the going rate for blood?
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