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TheInfamousTGUNN  88 M
He only has to be 40 or 50% bigger
Eswift  45 M
I trust the streets before I trust a clean background check guy today
chillzbill  59
pulling your weapon and discharging it are two completely different things
TheInfamousTGUNN  88 M
Third party defense Brendan is a legitimate use of deadly force in almost every jurisdiction
no, i dont think someone should be able to shoot someone for any reason in a one on one unless the other guy is like legit trying to strangle him or something and hes like 8 times his size

Here ..usually tho if there's a murder that's how it happens
Eswift  45 M
How can u trust a honest citizen? They do all the mass killings
U can carry a knife with a 4 in blade or less here but not many stabbings h
Eswift  45 M
These guys go shoot up a workplace cuz money's tight. Legal gun owners
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