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uhm, punkerz.. the last time i heard of an automatic shelby mustang or lambo was, well.... NEVER. oh and there was only talks of a v6 lambo. you dont own one because they were never produced, you fake fool
hotnewfiemama7  44
bahaha Mr multiple akas lonely loser
your story sell it loser .
Thexminx  38 F
Lol he Cldnt do stick
hotnewfiemama7  44
Lol yawns you mean truths have at er your still an obese jobless slob in a camper...all alone
Gdn Eric
AngryGurl  39 F
good premorning ev1
Nathalie  40 F
Minx I think punk just wants to drive it
Thexminx  38 F
My car don’t make me girly
SwiftXxxx  45 M
Night night pepo
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