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Labe1_Basher  39 F
And Stace
Well what's that tell you Craig....must mean you yourself ain't to btight
BamaGrl  42 F
Me2 Craig i mean Cirag
Fireitup02  44 M
I'm making more coffee..this return of the clone chit sucks
Labe1_Basher  39 F
Ttyl soupie n dutch.. Have a blessed day
aka look like sid is the real byronpt3 id bet
Cantbancraig1  45 M
why do i always get the dumbest bxtards obsessive bout me smh
Flying_Dutchman  48 M
Because you dont know jbg
Gotta make me some new shoes today....gonna shoot me a racoon
Labe1_Basher  39 F
Geez should try get some more sleep I suppose.. Fml
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