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Ricardo_Dybala  98 M
she found see ur going bout what some person that .doesn't know me .lol
Saeela  88
Of course not I'm sure she drove off after seeing that
Oh my
Ricardo_Dybala  98 M
sorry I've never met a white woman from airg in my life lol
Saeela  88
An all male halfway house for s offenders she found
Ricardo_Dybala  98 M
laughing n being mean on airg . dont make ppl what u think in real life .lol
yumadatmrjvk  98 M
Guess UFC started early
Saeela  88
Nah I'm pretty sure someone drove by the address u gov them to meet
ghostwhisper  35
Fight night
Ricardo_Dybala  98 M
see .cabt cant parole when I've never been to prison in my life ..
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