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Except black women who want to butt _fuck them lmao
So0kIeStAcKh0uSE  39 F
The head like seriously brain damaged.
Rg1_TexasBorn  38
smoke I cant argue with I want do it too lool
JaCk_RaBBit_Slim  40
I wanna bone Sookie too
So0kIeStAcKh0uSE  39 F
Wtf is wrong with u? Did ur uncle or something abuse u sid? Ur fd in
Yes Barb I don't like ****rs
See I _FUCKED the €unt cassey . N sookie worried about where I live..
Durr. Pay attention dimwit I just said I slept 3 hours
barbaraking15  67 F
That is sooo gay js
Rg1_TexasBorn  38
Lacey has a top 4 body regarding reg users .not catfish women lol
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