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My entire fb page is ppl born n raised in maui... I know what I'm saying
Coz I can only fit certain amount of words in this browser
RAD-68  51
I wont them tireless advicates for those that they used
Goodoleusa  53 M
So shes still a beach
Don’t talk about Beth like that she’s dead.
M0V13_S74R  34 M
Th time th time 11:11. Thats th time that was in j0k3r m0vi3 few times
mrjvk  99 M
This phillipine girl I juiced out yrs ago orderd the ocean on dinner plate
B_yronpt2  57 M
That's called micro management. It's a trap
RAD-68  51
U will have to pay ur debt tho wont be public tho
Goodoleusa  53 M
Ever meet dog and his beach wife
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