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barbaraking15  66 F
It won't end for a thousand years Smoke
FIying_Dutchman  48 M
Lol and James filled me in how the whole family dislikes u using them
byronpt3  57 M
He wanted Denise to move in with him. Makes 5hun/month on welfare
Smokeumzz1  50 M
Well good Barb tell me when the world is ending LOL
johnbegood8151  56
Work at what sitting on airg lmao carlson
Look1  25 M
<<< working
byronpt3  57 M
Crying fat homeless whiner
FIying_Dutchman  48 M
Lol Mike you live in a shelter/subsidized housing alone u should talk
johnbegood8151  56
Bs u do ur here all day lmao
byronpt3  57 M
Lol keeps ur messenger off... Lord knows what you'd hear huh??.
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